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What the heck is Mü?

Mü is one of the world's best card games. It's a superb trick taking game that's become a cult classic with gamers the world over. It offers the strategy of Bridge without all the hassle of having to learn any bidding conventions.

Partnerships and trump suits change with every hand. Sometimes trump is long, sometimes it's short, and sometimes there isn't any trump at all!  It all depends on the bidding!

This is not some lame Uno or Hearts variant! This is a complex trick taking game that requires skill, thought, and concentration. You can play against your friends over Bluetooth or you can play against the computer. But be warned... The computer WILL kick your butt!

Created by world renowned game designer Frank Nestel in 1995, Mü has been delighting gamers around the world ever since. Visit BoardGameGeek to find out why many gamers consider this to be the world's best trick taking game!

Now this game is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the critics agree! Mü is awesome! Here's a sample of just some of the comments:

5 stars!

Mü is a deep experience that shouldn’t be missed by any card game fan. (

5 stars!

Good mind expanding fun.

5 stars!

A fun game and even better iPhone game.

5 stars!

Fun, but challenging -- certainly no walk in the park for a beginner.

5 stars!

I've played almost every "Euro-Type" board game conversion on the iPad ... and Mü is the most full-featured, value-packed, lovingly-crafted example I have seen to date. Mü is a perfect example of how the whole thing should be done, start-to-finish.
(Marc Reissig - BoardGameGeek patron)

Here's what Mü looks like on the iPhone and iPod touch:
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

the welcome screen game in progress dealing in-game documentation traditional card set reviewing a trick automated score sheet

And this is what Mü looks like on the iPad! (click on an image to view  full size)
(On an iDevice, use two fingers to scroll to the right and see more.)

reviewing a previous trick picking trump play in landscape mode to see the score sheet while you play  another look at landscape mode on the iPad nice easy to read in-game documentation

Mü boasts the following great features:

  • Fully licensed and authorized by Frank Nestel himself.
  • 4-6 players can play.
  • Computer controlled opponents boast a challenging and lifelike Artificial Intelligence that is configurable in numerous ways.
  • Up to 6 humans can play linked over Bluetooth.
  • Choose from two different deck styles.
  • Track your statistics over multiple game sessions.
  • Keep track of your game's progress with a fully automated score sheet.
  • Play in English, German, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Mü is a card game by Frank Nestel. It was brought to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch by Steve Blanding. It requires OS 3.0 or later.

You can download it from iTunes by clicking here:

Download Mü!

For an in-depth look at some of what went into the making of this game, read Steve's article on Bringing Mü to the iPhone! It's a fascinating peek behind the curtain.

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